Get Thicker, Fuller & Sexier Lips In 60 Seconds Guaranteed!

We were skeptical at first that a product can produce such amazing results in only 60 seconds too. After years of research, what we found was shocking! We were able to formulate the strongest lip plumper that is:

The "Secret" To Lip Enhancement

The secret to luscious lips is in our proprietary 4 step method of plumping your lips: 1. Increase blood flow to your lips by stimulating the sensitive skin of the lips. 2. Improve hydration delivering more moisture to your lips. 3. Increase collagen and fatty acids to your lips. 4. Soothe and nourish the lips relieving and relaxing the lips. Stung Lip Plumper is the ONLY lip plumper one the market that takes this 4 step approach to get you fuller, thicker, sexier and more luscious lips.

lip plumper steps

Stung's powerful lip plumping formula

Peppermint Oil

Well recognized as one of the best lip plumping ingredients available, peppermint oil helps not only soothes the lips, but works as a relaxant that can deliver luscious lips. It also is used in numerous lip balms and chapsticks with its ability to provide cooling, refreshing and nourishing cracked lips. The powerful essential oil has the ability to provide a bee sting like swelling and plumpness on the lips.

Avocado Oil

Shown in research to penetrate the skin, avocado oil has the properties to help deliver the active lip plumping ingredients in Stung past the outer epidermis and into the dermis for improved effectiveness and efficiency.

Olive Oil

Improving the moisture brought into the skin, Olive oil has been used for centuries to help moisturize and hydrate the skin. When applied to the lips, the increased hydration to chapped and dried skin or lips can actually provide the necessary components to your lips to look fuller and be healthier.

Coconut Oil

Used in numerous skin/lip related products for delicately and effectively moisturize the skin, coconut oil is one of nature’s richest moisturizers. When used on the lips, the added volume and moisture brought to the skin is head and shoulders above all others.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

This versatile oil is made up of 2 kinds of fats: monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These fats work to lock in the moisture to your skin particularly the lips. Pumpkin seed oil also contains alphalinoleic acids delivering moisturizer past the epidermis into the dermis.

Wintergreen Oil

Known to provide a cool heat with a refreshing mint flavor, wintergreen is able to provide a mild, but lasting inflammation when applied to the lips.


Used in numerous lip balms, menthol provides relief to cracking lips as well as providing soothing properties for your lips. It can also be used to sooth sun burned skin or sensitive skin. Menthol provides deep penetrating properties helping to stimulate the lips with a tingling and swelling sensation to the lips causing lips to plump.

Clove Oil

This potent ingredient is often used in medicated lip balm for its ability to dull and numb pain usually following chapped lips. Its anti-bacterial properties also work to prevent invention from cracked lips. Clove oil provides a warming sensation to the lips upon contact. The soothing, analgesic effect on the lips and the relaxing analgesic effect can often lead to thicker and fuller look on the lips.


“I tried this product a while back and could not believe how plumped my lips became! I, unfortunately, inherited my father's turtle lips and have tried everything to get them to look bigger, including coloring outside the lines with lipstick. This plumper is what it says; it STINGS. A few other folks I had try it out had to wipe it off after a few seconds because it stung so bad, but if you can manage to endure the sting like me, it's worth the plump. :)”

Kimberly Hyneman - 06.24.11

“I love it! No pain no gain .... it works, but it burns too .... i love it and still using it ... my lips look bigger and sexier..”

STJ - 10.11.2011

“Almost instant and a burn you will love. This is 1 of the most intense lip plumper I have tried”

Pau - 12.18.2011

“This lip plumper really works, from the minute you use it. I use it three times a day. It feels very tingly, don't use if you have a cut on your lips and don't kiss for about 20mins, Also, I notice that after two weeks my lips are much fuller and less lines. I can't believe that I found something that actually works, will be again in the future.”

Bullscreeker - 01.20.2012

“HOLY CR#P!! This does EXACTLY what it claims to do. If you want a lip plumper that really doesnt work or burn try something else. This feels like your lips were just stung! Its in a nice little bottle with a rollerball so there is no gloopy gloss. Glad I bought this!.”

TM - 02.20.2012

“Other reviews talk about it hurting, yes it burns a little, but hurts is over stating things. It doesn't hurt any more than liniment for sore muscles hurts. The big thing is it WORKS, after the first application the age creases in my lips filled out almost entirely. I've been using it for about a month and it has easily taken 10 years off my lips. I do recommend that you don't use it within an hour or so of eating and that is just because everything will taste like cinnamon.”

Monica Dominguez - 05.09.2012

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stung Lip Plumper work?

Stung Lip Plumper works in 4 steps to provide fuller, thicker and sexier lips: 1. Ultimate hydration 2. Increase blood flow to the lips 3. Add fatty acid mimickers to the lips 4. Sooth, nourish and protect the stimulated lips. Stung will help deliver intense, fuller, and thicker lips that starts to work within 60 seconds.

How long does each bottle of Stung Lip Plumper last?

When used as directed, Stung Lip Plumper is designed to last 30 days.

How much does Stung Lip Plumper cost?

Stung Lip Plumper retails for $50.00, but for a limited time, you can save over 50%! Stung Lip Plumper can be found on our official site for ONLY $19.95. For multiple bottle orders, you can buy Stung Lip Plumper for UNDER $15.00.

When Will My Order Be Delivered?

Every order of Stung Lip Plumper is processed and shipped within 24 hours. Most orders are shipped within 6 hours of ordering. However, if you live inside the U.S., you should expect to receive your order within 3-5 business days. International orders are usually delivered within to 8 business days depending on destination and customs.

What If I Have Questions About My Order?

You will receive an email with each order with your purchase information and a tracking number. If you have further questions please call 1-866-478-0399 or email us at

Does Stung Lip Plumper have a money back guarantee?

Every order of Stung Lip Plumper is backed by a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return one completely empty bottle and any unopened bottles for a full refund, minus shipping, within 90 days. Please contact our customer support for instructions on returning your item for your money back.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel confident when you order Stung Lip Plumper! Every single order is backed by a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. You can return one completely empty bottle and any unopened bottles for a full refund, minus shipping, within 90 days. Please contact our customer support for instructions on returning your item for your money back.

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